How to Become a Teacher Assistant

By Alexandria W
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Teacher Aide/Assistant

Being a teachers assistant is a rewarding, yet challenging, career in education.

Classrooms are no longer the exclusive responsibilities of teachers. Teacher Assistants help teachers deliver the lectures and evaluate the student’s advancement. Being a teacher assistant or aide is a rewarding, yet challenging, career in education.

It is a profession for those who enjoy working with students and have the essential enthusiasm to work in the education sector. Individuals who are patient and want to contribute to making people’s lives better can find the highest hourly average wages in Toronto, Ontario at $22.60 per hour, and the lowest average wages in Edmonton, Alberta at $14.01 per hour.

Your Day-to-Day Tasks Will Include:

  • Confer the assigned duties with classroom teachers in order to synchronize instructional efforts.
  • Set up syllabus, notice board displays, scientific and other art exhibits such as show and tell models, apparatus and other educational paraphernalia.
  • Distribute the subject notes and helping material to the pupils, under the guidance and direction of teachers, with the help of presentations, discussion and other methods such as role playing and helping children in their show and tell activity.
  • Tutor and facilitate children separately or in small groups, in order to assist them in understanding assignments and to strengthen learning concepts presented by teachers.
  • Hand out learning materials, such as textbooks, workbooks, papers and pencils to pupils.
  • Dispense assessments and homework assignments and gather them when they are finished.
  • Calculate and record results using answer sheets and electronic rating devices after evaluating and scoring the home assignments and tests.
  • Train and guide pupils about the usage and handling of various equipment and materials, in order to avoid injuries and damage.
  • Set up, plan and organize different teaching aids such as educational charts, graphs and models.

Where Should I Start?

If you are weighing your options about becoming a teacher aide or educational assistant in Canada, you need to at least graduate high school. To enter a certified program, you may also need a criminal record check.

What will I study?

Teacher assistants and aides are needed right across Canada, so you can study to get trained at any number of schools– sometimes in as little as a year.

What Do You Need?

Although on-the-job training is usually provided, previous experience in working with children could be a plus point. Computer literacy skills could boost your chances of getting the job, because it helps in completion of day to day duties.

Where The Jobs Are

Many learning environments such as primary and secondary private and public schools and day care centers are hiring them to further aid the process of learning for the students. Teacher assistants are in high demand in colleges and universities as well.

13 responses to “How to Become a Teacher Assistant”

  1. Abi says:

    Hi, if I were to move to Canada from the U.K. would my qualification (NVQ Level 3, Teaching Assistant) be any good or would I have to retrain? I don’t know where to start looking to see if it would be valid. Thanks in advance.

  2. mary grace says:

    Hi im an elementary teacher in the Philippines and wants to move to canada. I just want to ask if my bachelor’s degree on elementary education be considered for an assistant teacher post.. or will i need to study again? Thanks..

  3. caterina says:

    Hi ,I am an elementary teacher in Italy ,and i have Canadian citizenship, i just want know if can i do this course . Thank’s

  4. maemarie says:

    Hi, I am an elementary teacher and SPED teacher here in the Philippines. I would like to ask if my bachelor’s degree on elementary and masteral in education be considered for an assistant teacher position…Thank you

  5. Rossana says:

    I would also like to know if my Chilean bachelor’s degree in education would be useful to obtain an assistant teacher position. I am also a Canadian citizen. Thanks

  6. Leydi Mackenzie says:

    I graduated from university in Cuba with a five year degree in education. I also went to nursing school for two years and then redirected my focus to education. I have applied as an educational assistant supply. I gave not received a call. Does my education make me a good candidate. They never call unless being considered for a position so just wonder if I am wasting my time

  7. Leydis says:

    Leydis, yo tambien me gradue de profesora en Cuba por 5 anos. Tuve que hacer valido mi titulo aqui. Pague una compania llmada WES. Si te lo consideran si tienes el original y el cuno de la oficina del MINRED en Cuba. Pero aun asi, tienes que pasar 1 ano de universidad en la provincia de resides, pues es diferente en cada provincia. Despues de eso, entonces ya puedes trabajar en educacion.
    Suerte…Leydis( tocaya)

  8. Neelam says:

    I have done my Bachelor of Home Science with major subject Extension and Communication than I did Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) in Maths and Science and my masters in English Literature. I have six years of teaching experience at elementary level.I would like to know is this qualification proper for teaching in overseas school. i would also like to know about the degrees for teaching in foreign schools.What qualification is required for pre primary,teacher and assistant teacher at elementary level.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  9. Jovelyn says:


    This is Jovelyn from Philippines. I have a degree in Bachelor’s in Secondary Education and been teaching for 3 years now. Will these be enough to qualify me on being a teacher assistant or I still need to study?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  10. Anna Mayuga says:

    Hi I’m an elementary teacher in the Philippines and had been to Thailand to teach english as a second language. I’m a new immigrant in Canada. I wonder if I could be a teacher assistant without any training from the colleges or institution here or should I study again?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you so much in advance.

  11. Michelle says:

    Hi I’m a grade one teacher in Guyana. I have been teaching for four years now; right out of high school. I’m planning to move to Canada and I’m wondering if I could be a teacher assistant without training? if not, what is it I have to do?

  12. Jsmith says:

    Most job postings will not require you to have speicific training in being an Educational assistant though it is certainly helpful, it’s is not regulated like being a teacher. All of the jobs will require fluency in either French or English (or even both!) so that is the largest obstacle if you have an education degree in anotha country. They are also unlikely to hire someone who is not currently residing in Canada.

  13. Celesti Maxilum says:

    I graduated in college with the degree of bachelor of science in education major in technology and livelihood education supposedly teaching high school students and earned 21 units in early childhood education I wanna ask I if I am qualified to be an assisstant teacher in Canada thank you.

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