Workopolis Lists 20 University Degrees You Should Avoid

By Ryan Leclaire
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Workopolis Lists 20 University Degrees You Should Avoid

WorkopolisIs there such thing as a useless degree? Absolutely not. Are some more specialized and offer fewer jobs? Absolutely.

Recently, a blog posting at explored which university degrees have the dubious honour of Canada’s highest unemployment rates. Elizabeth Bromstein even went as far as listing the 20 degrees that have the highest unemployment rates.

Not surprisingly, clinical psychology and fine arts made the top of the list.

“Psychology in general is a pretty terrible idea, as are visual, performing and fine arts – pretty much any art, really. You probably could have guessed that,” said Bromstein.

The rest of the top 20 is as follows:

  1. Clinical Psychology – 19.5%
  2. Miscellaneous Fine Arts – 16.2%
  3. United States History – 15.1%
  4. Library Science – 15.0%
  5. Educational Psychology & Military Technologies, Tie – 10.9%
  6. Architecture – 10.6%
  7. Industrial And Organizational Psychology – 10.4%
  8. Miscellaneous Psychology – 10.3%
  9. Linguistics And Comparative Language And Literature – 10.2%
  10. Computer Administration Management And Security – 9.5%
  11. Visual And Performing Arts & Engineering And Industrial Management, Tie – 9.2%
  12. Social Psychology – 8.8%
  13. International Business – 8.5%
  14. Humanities & Electrical And Mechanic Repairs And Technologies, Tie – 8.4%
  15. General Social Sciences – 8.2%
  16. Commercial Art And Graphic Design – 8.1%
  17. Studio Arts – 8.0%
  18. Pre-law And Legal Studies – 7.9%
  19. Materials Engineering And Materials Science & Composition And Speech, Tie – 7.7%
  20. Liberal Arts – 7.6%

12 responses to “Workopolis Lists 20 University Degrees You Should Avoid”

  1. Anita_Kuehnel says:

    How about naming the degree in your article correctly? You wrote that criminal psyche is at the top of the list but the list says clinical psyche. Perhaps Journalism should top the list!

  2. Camgirlminnie says:

    but there is a huge shortage of good psychologist out there. who wants to wait 1 year to 2 years to see a psychologist when they are in crisis.  maybe getting a BA in psychology might be a good idea but if they move forward in it they could actually help some people out there who need their service.

  3. Selena says:

    Does anyone else find this list ridiculous?

  4. Comment says:

    In Canada, an education does not really count for much.  Graduates from “prestigous” schools are grouped together with others.  A graduate from U of T is no difference than someone with a diploma from DeVry. It is a sad, but true, state in this backwards society.

  5. Alison says:

    THey should add teaching

  6. Comment says:

    In todays world people who can perform are better leaders than a grad student from an reputed university with incompetence.

    Steve jobs and Arlene Dickinson dose not represent any university.

    On Dragon’s Den a 12 year old pitched and got $50,000 invested in his new hedgefund and people with University education belived in him when they made the decision to invest.

    is University education old school way (traditional and costly approach) to better jobs ?

  7. Master Mariner says:

    Steve Jobs and Arlene Dickinson are not typical of anything and should never be used as an example. Step 1 start an education of any type and always look to build on what you have. If anyone thinks 4 years education is a finished education you are kidding yourself. An undergrad degree is just your start. If you want to be a trades person fine take a trade but if you think simply taking a trade is all you nee,d you will find youself a collector of lay-off slips your entire life. Last thing you want to be is 50 years old, having never taken anymore education than whatever you did for the first couple years after high school. Nobody hires those people or at very least very rarely.

    • K says:

      I don’t know any trades person who is content that once they have their seal they just coast along. They’re always updating training, courses,seminars etc. Might not be presidigeous but when they can fix your BMW that you bought with money as a result of your MBA I bet you won’t complain.

  8. Wally Cone says:

    Personally I enjoy psychology, I have been studying cognitive beharorial psychology over this past year. It can make a huge difference in a persons quality of life! It is a real shame that the profession does not have more respect!  Sorry I shoud proof read before I previous posting.

  9. comment says:

    As long as manufacturing sector is weak in canada any university education is useless and unemployment is the result. Canadians boast themselves that their cost of education is less than US and their healthcare is better but cost of living is higher in canada. why canadians are accused of crossborder shopping? by this they are not only hurting manufacturing but also retail sector. Example Take any apparel and read the label its from asia. Reason is labour cost is high for manufacturing it in canada. By offering cheaper education in canada people get educated and there will be shortage of labour . Educated individuals do not want to do physically demanding jobs they look for management positions. Well I am not against education. But I cant tolerate educated citizens claiming welfare its not about diploma or degree. Stop educating educated individuals.

  10. Kevin says:

    The problem is virtually anybody can get a post secondary education and then when they graduate they think they’re entitled to a job. The market is flooded with “Trained” people. Universitys and colleges are pumping out enginers, business/arts majors, teachers, nurses, and a plethora of college grads who all think “I have a diploma I have to get hired” But the current demographic in those positions aren’t retiring anytime soon. The current generation can’t function without technology so if they can’t be attached to their ithingy they don’t wanna do it. and god forbid they get dirty. I see it as if you can’t do somehing with your hands, get a bunch of letters after your name. We need welders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, auto techs like crazy. We need more engineers and arts majors like we need a hole in the head.

  11. Comment says:

    In that way there is no end to eduction. Just if some amature Says that one should not take Steve jobs and Arlene as example no one will listen and go for a degree. Now a days Internet and public libraries give better eduction for a person who wants to gain knowledge. There is no need to spend 100 thousand on education by doing trades or manual labour.I have seen master degree holders driving taxis. if you finance for eduction atleast I will go for education.

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