Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Cosmetology School Closes Leaving Students in the Lurch

Cosmetology School Closes Leaving Students in the Lurch

The Concepts School of Cosmetology is blaming the provincial government for the closure.

In what could be a student’s worst nightmare, a group of individuals on the verge of graduating from a Halifax cosmetology school have found themselves the victims of an abrupt closure. For some who were just three weeks away from getting their certificate, the sudden collapse is especially frustrating.

In all, 69 students of The Concepts School of Cosmetology were left with incomplete licences when, with almost no notice, the doors were closed. The school provided training for students looking to become hairstylists and estheticians, many of whom contributed to the local workforce over the years, such as the ones Brent Kraushar hired to work at his Interlude Spa in Dartmouth.

Mulling over the sudden closure, Kraushar remarks, “Moving forward it could make it difficult to find new recruits.”

The Concepts School of Cosmetology is blaming the provincial government for the closure, claiming that the demands made by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education were a struggle to meet. At one point, the department froze the payment of student loans to the college. Eventually, Concepts stated they had “no option but to cease operations immediately.”

The department flatly denies that argument, and says that by meeting with students and instructors, they are trying to offer support and options for recourse.

“Right now, we’re working with some training providers in the local community to ensure that the students have options for training out,” says Chrissy Matheson, department spokeswoman. Options include continuing their education elsewhere or being reimbursed for tuition from a private college insurance fund.

Though it’s not unheard of for private schools and colleges to close their doors unexpectedly, with little or no explanation to offer, this example is certainly not the norm. Research into your chosen school is important, making sure you review its overall reputation and operating practices. In the end, with due diligence on your part, you’ll likely avoid the rare experience of standing before the boarded up doors of a school that fails to deliver the education you expected.

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