Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Trillium College-OPSWA Partnership Creates Opportunities for PSW Students

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Last year Trillium College was named sole academic partner of the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association.

For the ideal altruist, helping people trumps all other concerns. In the real world however, the need to earn a living is an everyday reality. That’s where Trillium College’s Personal Support Worker Program comes in, giving people-oriented students an upper edge in a career that certainly makes a difference in the lives of others.

Last year saw Trillium College named the sole academic partner of the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association (OPSWA). The resulting benefits, such as greater professional development and networking opportunities, are being extended to 2014 students with even further advantages this year.

New OPSWA modules are now available for Personal Support Worker students at Trillium College, providing additional training in areas such as “Crisis Prevention and Intervention for PSWs,” “Professionalism in Personal Care,” “Laws PSWs Need to Know,” “Health and Safety for PSWs” and “Self Care for PSWs.” In addition, extra-curricular support is available to help with job searches, resume building and career planning. In order to help students along their career path, a speaker series and PSW appreciation evenings are also being introduced.

Since Personal Support Workers care for a community’s most vulnerable individuals, it’s easy to see why high standards are necessary within the profession, something the exclusive partnership between Trillium and OPSWA is working to promote. In fact, many companies only hire from OPSWA, making job opportunities for Trillium College graduates even greater.

OPSWA president and founder, Miranda Ferrier notes that Trillium College ensures its students “have the knowledge set and the professional training to be OPSWA-registered PSWs and to give the best quality care to those they serve.” She adds, “I feel that with Trillium coming on board… the sky’s the limit!” In filling a vital need within society and within oneself, that seems like an acceptable limit to work with.

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