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Trillium College’s Paramedic Program

It’s time to step up to the plate…
Are you ready to be the hero your community needs?

The life of a Paramedic might well be an opportunity worth examining

The life of a Paramedic might well be an opportunity worth examining

For people who crave more than the average nine-to-five desk job and want their work to have a positive impact on the society around them, the life of a Paramedic might well be an opportunity worth examining…

Although heading back to school requires determination, study and drive, when the right person and right program mix, it can be a recipe for new challenges, new learning and an exciting entrée into a new career.

Primary Care Paramedics are the everyday heroes who save lives, protect our ill and respond to communities in crisis. Working as first responders for ground and air-based Emergency Medical Services (EMS), or in a range of first aid and patient transfer capacities, they are the men and women whose courage and ability to assess, address and provide care in cases of critical illness and injury make the difference between lives lost—or saved.

As healthcare professionals, Paramedics are needed desperately in today’s job force. The Government of Canada notes that the dramatic hiring surge seen in pre-hospital care fields will only continue. As our population ages, our reliance on ambulatory services grows and our need for qualified individuals to replace retiring EMS workers continues, Primary Care Paramedics—our heroes of the future—are in ever-increasing demand.

The time to step up to the plate—to save lives and enter an exciting new career—is now: Trillium College’s Primary Care Paramedic program gives you the training and certification you’ll need to join a growing team of community champions whose futures are bright. If you enjoy helping others, staying fit, learning about the human body and health, engaging actively with the public on a daily basis and constantly seeking new challenges click here to take the first step towards your fulfilling new profession now!

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