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“Must Have” Tips for Preparing NCLEX-RN Practice Test Questions

NCLEX Practice Questions

What NCLEX-RN Practice Questions And Study Guides Are The Best?

If you want to become a registered nurse, you need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). This is a standardized test that measures your eligibility to become an entry-level nurse in all 50 states and Canada.

Few claim this nursing evaluation is easy to pass. That’s why the earlier you start studying NCLEX practice questions, the better. It is advisable to take the test after you have graduated from your four year college nursing program, when the knowledge and skills you have acquired are still fresh in your mind.

Must-Know Info Before You Take NCLEX Practice Questions

Where do you start your NCLEX-RN practice? First of all, you should download the Test Plan for the next testing date at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)’s official website. This Test Plan will guide you on the content and scope of the examination. It also contains the organization of the test. The NCLEX-RN framework for the exam includes major categories, which will be further subdivided into subcategories.

Each subcategory has a corresponding percentage that will make up your test. Always download the latest Test Plan available on the NCSBN website. This is because the framework for the exam changes for each exam date. In other words, the percentage of what content areas are tested changes.

For instance, one version of the examination will have a higher percentage of “Client Needs” multiple choice questions while the next version of the exam will have a different percentage breakdown for that category. Knowing this and using it in your practice for the NCLEX-RN can mean the difference between a passing and a failing score.

What NCLEX-RN Practice Questions & Study Guides are the Best?

  • You can choose to study NCLEX practice questions by yourself, or you can enroll in review classes. Be sure the type of test preparation you use matches your learning style. If prep courses are far from where you live, consider getting NCLEX-RN practice tests, study guides and other review materials online.
  • If you already downloaded the Test Plan, read through it and understand the scope of the test, you can start practicing for the NCLEX exam. Start by developing your own study plan and schedule.
  • Provide enough time for test practice on a regular basis. Allot enough preparation time for each subject area, especially in your areas of weakness.
  • Gather all the NCLEX practice materials you will need to study. Aside from your textbooks and journals, you may want to purchase review books from bookstores to help you prepare for the NCLEX. There is also a free nursing test review download sheet online, as well as review apps that you can install on your smart phone. This downloadable application will allow you to review anywhere and everywhere you go.
  • Make sure to stick to your NCLEX-RN practice plan. Make it a habit to do at least one thing every day that will move you in the direction of getting a passing score. Even if you’ve had a busy day, try to get in 10 minutes of review before going to bed. Your subconscious mind can then go to work to process this information and help you retain it long-term.
  • Some websites like Test Score Breakthrough provide free NCLEX practice questions online. Leverage free resources online to achieve your registered nursing license.
  • Take NCLEX practice questions at least once a week to assess your progress. You’ll get a sense of how the exam questions are phrased as well as the format, structure and design of the exam. This will give you a definite advantage on testing day. Use your newfound insight to reorganize your test prep plan and use the time to improve in the areas where you need improving.

On You RN Examination Day

Above all else, don’t forget to bring your “Authorization to Test” form and valid IDs to the testing center. If you’re not familiar with the testing location, drive there a day or two beforehand so you’re not stressing out trying to find it on the morning of your exam. Make sure to arrive early so that you will have time to compose yourself and answer each test question with a clear head.

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