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How to Become an Aesthetic Laser Technician

Aesthetic Laser Technician

Aesthetic Laser Technician

What Does an Aesthetic Laser Technician Do?

Once considered treatments reserved only for the rich and famous, aesthetic laser treatments have become more common and relatively affordable in recent years. As a result, esthetic laser technology has become a viable career training option for those who have the patience (and steady hands) required to perform the procedures and treatments that, for many clients, provide an immeasurable boost to their confidence and self-esteem.

Aesthetic Laser Technicians are trained to use laser devices in a wide variety of treatments, including hair reduction or removal, acne scar reduction, varicose vein reduction, tattoo removal, laser peeling and wrinkle treatment. Technicians counsel their clients on the procedures, taking care to discuss after-effects, recovery time and to ensure that the client is physically and financially prepared ready to undergo what are sometimes lengthy, uncomfortable, recurring treatments. Most importantly, Aesthetic Laser Technicians recognize skin conditions that can be helped with treatments and which require the attention of a dermatologist.

Is This Job Right For Me?

A career as an Aesthetic Laser Technician isn’t for everyone. Technicians should have a genuine passion for skin care and beauty treatments, a friendly and professional demeanour as well as the patience and dedication required to learn to use the laser equipment safely and properly. In fact, safety should be the technician’s number one priority at all times.

Those who are interested in a career as an Aesthetic Laser Technician should be aware that some of the procedures are not for the squeamish. Sometimes procedures can make the skin look worse before it looks better, and some can cause the client temporary discomfort. Technicians need steady hands and a reassuring and calming voice and personality. Although challenging, the work of a technician is hugely rewarding, especially when a client’s confidence is boosted after the reduction or removal of certain skin problems.

Where Can I Study?

The following are some of the colleges that offer Aesthetic Laser Technician Certification:

Where Are the Jobs?

Aesthetic Laser Technicians generally work in the spa and beauty industry, in salons and health spas. Depending on the technician’s skill level and qualifications, they may be employed in a hospital, medical practice, or other healthcare facility. Occasionally, dermatologist’s offices employ Aesthetic Laser Technicians to handle beauty treatments for their patients. It’s possible to be self-employed as well, and some technicians contract themselves out to salons in order to build a client base. However, due to the cost of the required laser equipment, the self-employment option is fairly uncommon.

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