Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Regency Dental Hygiene Academy Wants to Help You to Quit Smoking

There are so many health risks associated with smoking, many of them oral. This is why Regency Dental Hygiene Academy wants to help you finally kick the habit.

“Tobacco use has significant adverse effects on oral health. Registered Dental Hygienists, as oral health professionals in the dental office or community setting have a unique opportunity to help you quit smoking,” said Eva Lissia of Regency Dental Hygiene Academy.

Although many people go to see their doctor to get help with quitting smoking, not enough see their dentist or dental professional.

“Dental hygienists are trained to help tobacco users… by providing assistance to help them stop smoking or using other tobacco products. Combined findings from 14 studies including over 10,500 participants showed that tobacco interventions by dental professionals helped tobacco users to quit,” said Lissia.

She added that while it’s important to remember the effects of smoking on respiratory and cardiovascular systems, it’s just as important to know the impact on your oral health.

“Not only is smoking a risk factor for mouth cancer and periodontal disease, it is associated with staining of the teeth. Nicotine replacement therapy gum is one method used in tobacco cessation programs. The NRT gum may assist smokers kick the habit and also reduces tooth staining.”

Schools mentioned: Regency Dental Hygiene Academy

Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
Ryan has been writing for 7 years and has been featured in Chatelaine, Canadian Living and Cottage life.
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  1. Exotic Places Says:

    why so difficult to quit smoking? just quit…. don’t care  what your friend says, don’t care if the first time you feel strange without tobacco. keep focus and say in your mind.. i’m quit now..

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