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OMNI College Helps Foreign Nursing Students Transition Into Canada

OMNI College - Students

OMNI College - Nursing Graduates

As Canada’s workforce continues to welcome more foreign talent, Richmond, BC’s OMNI College will be here to help them. Founded in 1998, the college takes great pride in supporting and training foreign nurses for the Canadian workforce.

“We’re anticipating screaming shortages in nursing within the next year,” said OMNI College’s Founder, Ron Burke in an interview with Richmond News.

“When the economy dropped, older nurses stayed in the workforce longer, which caused more nurses over the retiring age to keep working. But now that it’s starting to pick up, all these nurses can retire any moment.”

The school helps students like Aki Tanaka. The 31-year-old came to Canada from Japan and quickly fell in love with British Columbia and wanted a career in Canada.

“Nursing is my passion,” Tanaka told the Richmond News.

“There are good opportunities here.”

Burke founded the college as a former nurse, himself. Now, a decade later, Omni College proudly boasts that 95% of OMNI students who have written the Canadian Nurse licensing exams have successfully passed.

OMNI College offers such programs as:

  • Canadian Nursing Review Program for IENs
    1. International Students
    2. Residents of Canada
  • Canadian Nursing Review – Advanced
  • CELBAN Test Prep – FT
  • Medical Terminology & Communication

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Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
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