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How To Become A Computer Programmer

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Computer programming is one of six occupations that comprise about 2/3 of the private workforce.

Computer programmers write and develop secure codes (or “instructions”) for computer programs and software. Computer programmers may also be called systems programmers or software developers.

Computer programming is one of six occupations that comprise about 2/3 of the private workforce. The Information and Communications Technology Council predicts a labour shortage will force Canada to hire over 100,000 Information and Communications technology specialists in the near future.

Your day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Troubleshooting problems associated with software installation and customization
  • Use relevant methodologies, policies, and standards to develop secure code
  • Sustaining proficiency in one or more computer languages (Java, C++, etc.)
  • Apply knowledge of networking concepts to develop and deploy code
  • Maintain effective working relationships with clients

What Do I Need To Start With:

Schools usually require a Grade 12 diploma to enter a college program.

What Will I Study:

Four year and community colleges offer programs in information technology, which cover a variety of aspects of working with computer hardware and programs.

You can study at:

What Else Do I Need:

Computer programming is not a regulated profession, and programmers can sometimes obtain jobs solely based on proven skills and experience, usually offering samples and references to indicate their level of knowledge.

Where The Jobs Are:

Many try self-employment. There are also jobs in software development companies, web-based companies with internally developed computer programs and software, and almost any corporation which relies heavily on computer software or programs.

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