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Drake Medox College Grad Seeks Fulfillment in Career as a Health Care Aide

Health Care Aide

Want to train to become a Health Care Aide?

Donna D knows how important the role of a caregiver is. It’s a part of her everyday family life.

“I have an 11-year-old son and my husband lives with a physical challenge and uses a wheelchair,” said Donna.

“I have had lots of experience on how to look after them and this gave me the courage to train to be a Health Care Aide.”

Donna was originally from the Philippines and came to Canada to “find a better career opportunity, see Canada and live.”

“One day I saw an advert for Drake Medox College. As soon as I saw the advert, I just decided to enroll at Drake. I had never heard anything about this training but I knew this was a good training centre from other people. I decided to take the training because I knew it would provide me with a good salary and a chance to help other people and this is very important work.”

The whole experience has been a very good fit for Donna. She is a friendly, flexible person and she’s passionate about helping people. She can also cope with stress easily.

“I knew that all I needed was the right training to be able to make a career for myself. I did practicums in both facility and community care. I learned so much about care giving and dealing with the elderly people. I learned about caring for people and their physical, emotional and mental well-being. I also learned a lot about myself as the training challenged my strength and abilities,” said Donna.

She added, “I learned how rewarding this career is. It is really a wonderful thing to leave people smiling because you have helped them.”

Kathleen Maliwat is an instructor at the college. When asked about her role as a teacher she commented,

“Drake Medox College is focused on ensuring their graduates are ready for a career in both facility and community care.”

“We want our graduated to be an asset to their employers and a blessing to their clients. If we achieve that we have done something useful for the community and the graduates. This is a truly rewarding career and the better I prepare my students for the real world of healthcare, the better experience they will have and the more opportunities will come their way. That is my personal goal as an instructor and mentor.”

When asked about Donna, Kathleen responded, “Donna excelled at her studies and was a fabulous advocate for the residents that she cared for. She will be a great addition to a healthcare team in Vancouver.”

Donna has now finished her training and she is working with the support staff at the college on her first job placement. “The college offers a lot of support to the graduates. They have put me in Project Healthcare Employment Connect to ensure that employers are aware of my availability and all that I have to offer. I am looking forward to my future as a Health Care Aide,” said Donna.

“Thank you Drake for being part of my success. Your college is the absolute means to achieve our goals in becoming responsible and successful health care aides. God Bless.”

Schools mentioned: Drake Medox College

Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
Ryan has been writing for 7 years and has been featured in Chatelaine, Canadian Living and Cottage life.
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