Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Studying Web Design, Graphic Design or Marketing? Here’s What to Expect

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Creative professionals will have more influence on their companies business decisions.

Students currently studying marketing, graphic design or web design will soon join the creative class of Canada’s workforce.

To give them a better idea of what awaits them after graduation, a new study has been released to forecast what creative professionals can expect over the next 5 years.

A new research guide, called The Creative Team of the Future charts the trends in marketing and design over the next 5 years, by surveying over 500 advertising firms.

For example, students can expect to have their opinions heard and valued, with almost two-thirds (64 per cent) of respondents stating that creative professionals will have more influence on their companies’ business decisions.

Grads can also expect an abundance of work, with 62 per cent of respondants expecting their creative staff to work more hours over the next few years and a whopping 85 per cent answered they will need employees to work outside of normal 9-5 business hours.

But the good news is that most, or all, of that work can be done from home, with 84 per cent of those surveyed claiming that more of their employees will work remotely in the next three to five years.

Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
Ryan has been writing for 7 years and has been featured in Chatelaine, Canadian Living and Cottage life.
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