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Community Service Worker Graduate Grows Wings in Workforce

Community Services Worker

Jianhua Lu is a Community Services Worker Graduate.

In the interest of showing perspective students what lies ahead of them in the workforce, invites any recent grads to share their experiences and reflections.

In this article, Jianhua Lu of Evergreen College talks about life after the Community Service Worker Program.

I am so proud of having been a student at Evergreen College because it provides me with professional skills and knowledge. I am a Settlement Worker in one of the non-profit organizations as soon as I graduated from Evergreen College.

I was at the crossroads of my life and in the dark about my future; it was then that I discovered Evergreen. The professional education counselor provided me with useful information on career selection. I chose Community Service Worker as my future career; it was the right fit to my background and my personal interests.

In the CSW program, I met professional, knowledgeable and encouraging instructors. From them I learned many practical skills and professional knowledge. When I was upset, it was my instructors who comforted me. When I felt frustrated, it was my instructors who trusted me and provided encouragement to overcome any difficulties I was experiencing.

I remember; the first month at school, I was the only one full time student at Mississauga Campus. Every staff member provided support. I am proud that I am the first full time student, and the first graduate at Evergreen College Mississauga Campus.

I appreciate the administration and all the staff members for their efforts. It was their efforts that built a harmonious learning environment for me and my fellow students. It was their assistance that helped to ensure I would finish my studies on time. I appreciate my instructor who traveled in the cold of winter for three hours from Toronto to Mississauga every day.

With all the staff members’ help, my wings have grown stronger and I am confident that I will soar very well in the social service field.

Jianhua Lu
Community Service Worker Program
Evergreen College

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