Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

University of Ottawa Raises Tuition Prices, Again

University of Ottawa Raises Tuition Prices, Again

For the ninth year in a row, University of Ottawa has raised tuition.

On-campus demonstrations and social media outrage has resulted from the latest announcement that the University of Ottawa will be raising tuition prices, again. For the ninth year in a row, the board of governors approved the price hike, meaning students will be paying three per cent more yext year.

Students immediately labeled the increase as ‘absolutely unfair’, and did what they could to voice their concerns. The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa offered recommendations to the budget committee, but to no avail.

In an attempt to quell the reaction to the increase, the university announced that it will provide extra funding to its financial assistance program to award financial aid, scholarships and bursaries to students. The school says that ultimately, they have to ‘balance the books,’ something they claim is hard to do now that less than 50 per cent of the budget comes from government funding. Approximately 35 per cent of revenue is supplied by student tuition fees, which equaled $303.7 million in 2012-13.

Many universities defend themselves in the face of tuition increases, saying that their graduates, even with little experience, have lower unemployment rates than those with many years of experience, but no education.

Universities also say that the higher your level of education, the higher your earnings. They assert that labour markets differentiate between different degrees of education. One advocate of the university system defends the rising costs by saying, “if you think being educated is too expensive, try being uneducated.”

What do you think? Is university education still a bargain? Or do the increasing costs make you feel ‘enough’s enough’?

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