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Skills Canada National Competition Showcases Student Talent

Skills Canada National Competition

This Olympic-style competition provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their technical skills.

The Olympics may be over, but the spirit of competition is alive and well. Students in skilled trades or technology programs are getting ready to go for the gold at the Skills Canada National Competition taking place June 4 to 7, 2014 in Toronto.

Since 1994, the Skills Canada National Competition has been the only event of its kind in Canada. Each year over 500 students and apprentices come together from all regions in Canada, striving to be crowned the best in their chosen discipline. This unique, Olympic-style competition provides an opportunity for participants in over 40 different contests to showcase their skills before judging panels at a national level. They are tested within exacting standards against their peers, fostering a healthy spirit of rivalry. The contests also promote progress in the trades and a sense of pride in individual workmanship and accomplishments.

“Team Ontario” is made up of the top-placing competitors from the Ontario Technological Skills Competition (OTSC), which will take place May 5 to 7, 2014. Provincial competitions are held in the other provinces and territories as well, with the finalists advancing to the Skills Canada National Competition. Complete with opening and closing ceremonies, and many key events and activities in between, it’s a perfect forum for raising awareness about the skilled trades and technology sectors and promoting these to young people and their influencers.

As well, 2014 is a qualifying year for the biennial WorldSkills International, to be held in Brazil in 2015. The best of the best perform on this world stage, representing the pinnacle of excellence in vocational training. This international competition, formerly called the “Skill Olympics,” brings together top ranked participants from national competitions currently held in 52 different countries.

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