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Everything “Back to Normal” at Aveda Institute’s Calgary Campus

Aveda Institute Calgary

Photo: Aveda Institute Calgary

It’s one of the worst floods the city of Calgary has ever seen. For the staff and students at Aveda Institute’s Calgary campus, the rising flood waters meant having to suspend classes for eight days while they braced to see if their downtown location would survive the worst of the flood.

The staff at Aveda made the decision to close the campus one day before evacuation became mandatory, and stayed closed for two days after it was lifted. Despite what director Kelli-Rae Ennis calls “minor problems with parking and CTrains” – some underground parking lots are still closed and the city’s light rail train system is still not fully functional – everything at the Institute is back to normal, having suffered no significant damage.

Like so many other Calgarians, Ennis saw her city rise to a difficult occasion – and saw the best in her students, as well.

“After returning to classes,” says Ennis, “the students shared something meaningful they did during the week that the campus was closed. Many of them volunteered, including helping a classmate who lost everything in the flood.”

Aveda’s Calgary campus is located in downtown Calgary, just blocks South of the Bow River, whose overflowing banks wreaked such havoc on parts of the city. Yet despite how the area may have looked a week ago, Ennis says, “Everything is cleaned up. It looks great!”

She’s not surprised, though.

“Downtown was filled with volunteers who cleaned debris and got everything back in order,” says Ennis, “and ENMAX worked hard to get the power back on.”

Ennis is most grateful to the staff and students, and to the many loyal clients who come to Aveda’s salon.

“We want to thank them so much for their loyalty and support,” Ennis says. “We’re so grateful to have all of them as a part of the Institute.”

Adds Ennis, “We’re open for business as usual!”

Aveda Institute is a globally established brand, with over 7,000 salons and spas worldwide, and is among the most environmentally conscious companies in the world.

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