Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

George Brown College Releases Video Game to Rally Student Voters

Take it Over

Take it Over – The Game

Buttons and flyers are for old people. If you want to get college and university students out to vote, try putting the message in a video game.

That is exactly what George Brown student Damian Sommer has done, as part of the Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario ‘Take It Over’ campaign.

“Drawing on the skills of our members, this game was designed to be a fun way to engage Ontarians about voting on October 6,” said Cindy Brownlee, Director of Education and Equity for the Student Association of George Brown College.

“George Brown students, like students across Ontario, are struggling to pay high tuition fees and high levels of debt, so it’s important for us to encourage students to vote.”

The game has an old-school Nintendo 8-bit feel, and the object is to dodge things like tuition fees, debt and apathy to tackle a ballot box. A mobile version is expected to be released at a later date.

“The ‘Take It Over’ campaign has several components that are interactive and we hope that Ontarians will take the chance to tackle the ballot box through our game, and then vote in the fall,” said Sandy Hudson.

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Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
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