Monday, June 20th, 2011

Survey Says Half of Online Education Students Have Already Taken an Online Course

Online Education Students

About half of the students who study an online course will come back for seconds.

About half of the students who study an online course will come back for seconds, according to the results of a new survey.

Data released by says that 50 per cent of surveyed prospective online students responded that they have already taken an online course and want further online education.

“The findings would suggest that the online learning explosion will continue, said Carol Aslanian, adult education expert.

Prospective students have either had a positive experience or they believe it could be a good alternative to a campus-based program. Often for busy working adults it comes down to flexibility and convenience, which makes online programs attractive.”

Respondents to eLearning’s poll were asked about their motivations and interest in online college courses.

“It was intriguing to us to see that 50 percent of the participants of our May poll had experienced online instruction and were back for more and that 50 percent had no direct experience with online education but were now searching for online programs,” said Aslanian.

Their data also revealed 70 percent of respondents search for a degree program, versus online certificate programs, licensing programs or individual online classes.

Another 53 per cent of respondents looked for graduate level programs, like a masters degree program. 47 per cent answered they are interested in online undergraduate programs at the bachelor’s level.

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