Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Dalhousie University Raises Tuition for International Students

Students coming to Canada to study at Dalhousie University can expect to pay more tuition next year.

Last week, the university’s board of governors approved tuition and residence fee increases for domestic students, but raised costs 10 per cent for international students.

Naturally, this has drawn outrage from a number of international students.

“It’s clearly a way of using students who don’t have a voice because they are temporary residents, said Luciana Fernandes, a third-year student from Brazil in an interview with CBC.

Fernandes also described the hikes as “the easiest way to get money from them, and a ridiculous amount of money.”

Elsewhere, the university raised tuition prices across the board for law, medicine and dentistry students by six to 14 per cent.

Dalhousie University officials are defending the hikes, and ensuring students that it’s all in the name of bettering the school’s offerings.

“Raising tuition fees is crucial to ensuring we can continue to deliver our university’s mission to the best of our abilities under the circumstances,” said Ken Burt, Dalhousie vice-president finance and administration.

“Even with increased tuition fees, we still have big cuts to make in the university budget… the $3.6 million in projected revenue from the increased fees—provided the professional program increases are approved—still falls far short of the $7 million cut from the provincial operating grant and is not enough to offset rising costs.”

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Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
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