Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Cambrian College Wants Your Opinion

Cambrian College Wants Your Opinion

What do you think is most important for the future of postsecondary education?

Cambrian College is reaching out to students, prospective students, and others in an interesting approach to future growth. The school is asking people to take a few minutes of their time to give their input about how the College should steer its course over the next five years.

The question Cambrian College poses to you is: What do you think is most important for the future of postsecondary education? By sparking this kind of dialogue, they hope to outline specific objectives and goals that are part of an ambitious and visionary 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.

Through a diverse array of forums, such as social media, community events, and focus groups, Cambrian hopes to solicit your ideas, thoughts, and expectations regarding postsecondary education, and they’re assuring participants that no suggestion is a bad suggestion. Even the proposal of ‘free tuition’, a recurring opinion from commenters so far in the campaign, is considered worthy of discussion. Another clear message is the importance of creating an exciting hub for students on campus.

Once suggestions are obtained, the College will consolidate the findings and compile the survey results so they can be used to identify ways to move forward in a fresh and informed manner.

The College’s Strategic Planning Process will then be put into practice, with an implementation strategy being drafted and an operational plan being set in motion. The public launch of the Strategic Plan is scheduled for September 2015.

By sharing your opinion, no matter how small, Cambrian College stresses that you can have a part in shaping the school’s future.

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