Friday, July 18th, 2014

Make a Difference With a Career in Environmental Sciences

Make a Difference With a Career in Environmental Sciences

Stratford’s Environmental Sciences program is offered as a distance education course.

Scientists are in agreement that climate change is real, and that action is needed on our part to halt the destructive consequences that are heading our way. Instead of feeling powerless to help the planet, why not choose a career that allows you to safeguard, improve and sustain the environment?

Stratford Career Institute offers a comprehensive course in Conservation/Environmental Sciences that can turn your passion for the planet into an action plan for rescuing it. Having a desire to help is only half the recipe. Knowledge completes the equation. The Conservation/Environmental Sciences diploma covers a wide variety of ecology topics including the concept of sustainability, water management and supplies, renewable and non-renewable resources, global warming and biodiversity. Armed with an education in these matters, you’ll be able to put your passion to work in any number of entry level conservation or environmental science jobs.

Stratford’s Conservation/Environmental Sciences program is offered as a distance education course, meaning you can train in the comfort and convenience of your own home. This also means you’ll avoid burning fuel commuting to class, which means less CO2 emissions. It’s a great way to practice what you preach by going green!

A career that offers the opportunity to make a difference, especially in something as urgent as protecting the environment, can result in personal enrichment and satisfaction. Instead of offering a band-aid solution to the ecological problems of today, you’ll be looking beneath the bark to preserve the planet you love.

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