Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Set Your Compass: Take a Course in Adventure Tourism

Set Your Compass: Take a Course in Adventure Tourism

Instead of being closed in by four walls to make a living, the Adventure Tourism Program will let you reach the peak of success.

Outdoor enthusiasts, you may want to sit down for this. If that’s exactly what you don’t want to be doing for most of your professional life, how about earning a living and at the same time experiencing the best of the natural world? If sitting at an office desk is not for you, why not choose a career that allows you to enjoy what you love doing? What might that be? Adventure Tourism!

Wait, it gets even better. What if your line of work not only allows you to be in the great outdoors, but the education to get you there includes learning in a ‘classroom’ with walls of earth and sky? That’s the reality of the Adventure Tourism Diploma.

Canadian Tourism College offers an extensive course in Adventure Tourism that will leave you fully equipped to handle the demands of the elements and the rigorous schedule of such an active lifestyle. The diploma program will prepare you to enter the outdoor recreation, eco-tourism and adventure tourism industries. Courses included in the diploma are: Leading Wilderness Trips, River Rafting, Heritage Interpretation, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Starting a Business, and Ocean Kayaking.

Other bonuses of the program include an excellent student to teacher field training ratio, instructors who are already in the industry so you’ll have access to inside information, and the school’s location in beautiful Vancouver with immediate access to a variety of outdoor environments, from ocean to mountain.

Besides having a love for the outdoors, candidates for the Adventure Tourism Program should be able to maintain a positive attitude in all kinds of weather conditions, work well with people, have the desire to guide and educate others, and have concern for environmental issues and an interest in sustainability.

Don’t just daydream in class about the wind and the surf, choose a path that will let you enjoy it day in and day out. Instead of being closed in by four walls to make a living, the Adventure Tourism Diploma will let you reach the peak of success as you climb something a little more fun than the corporate ladder.

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