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Steer Your Career to Success With an Automotive Technology Diploma

Steer Your Career to Success With an Automotive Technology Diploma

Steer Your Career to Success With an Automotive Technology Diploma

Step on the gas and take control of the wheel, because if you’re interested in a career in automotive technology, it’s easy to steer your way to a successful future. With the right training, you’ll quickly find work in this in-demand trade, with the added bonus of having the freedom to work anywhere.

The Automotive Technology Program offered by Automotive Training Centres is an accredited vocational program, recognized by the Private Career Colleges Act. It provides a hands-on course covering a wide variety of important automotive skills, with the result that you’ll be job-ready in just a few months.

From electrical fundamentals to preventative maintenance, and from hydraulic brake operation and service to wheel alignment theory, you’ll have the bases covered when it comes to automotive technology. And of course, no program is complete without job placement counsellors who can help you find the job that’s right for you.

Other advantages of the Automotive Training Centre’s Automotive Technology Program include personalized instruction due to small class sizes, a skilled roster of instructors who can pass on their wealth of experience, and flexible schedule options such as full-time day classes or part-time evening classes so you can fit your automotive training into your busy lifestyle.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of state-of-the-art training facilities that boast a 4000 square foot mechanics space fully loaded with hoists, brake lathes, air guns, MIG and oxyacetylene welders, and electronic diagnostic tools, to name a few. You just might forget you’re in ‘class’ and think you’re already on the job!

Whether you’re the type to take to the road, unsure of where you’ll put down roots, or the type to stick around familiar territory, have the assurance that your skills as an automotive technician will be handy wherever you end up. You’ll be well equipped to work at automotive repair centres, car dealerships, custom and specialty shops, or even at heavy duty truck repair facilities.

No matter what part of the country you call home, jobs such as a lube specialist, automotive detailer, or maintenance technician are all needed services.

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