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6 Ways to Make a Difference During College

6 Ways to Make a Difference During Your College or University Years

Don’t settle for the ordinary when your post-secondary experience could be extraordinary.

When all is said and done, your college or university experience might turn out to be a collection of foggy memories, some you’re proud of and others you’d like to forget. Sure, the education you received might serve you well, but perhaps you’ll look back, years after graduation, and question whether you could have made your post-secondary years a little more memorable or noteworthy.

Making a difference on campus is not only the sign of a great leader, it also sets the tone for future career success and motivates you to excel at whatever you tackle in life. Below are some ways you can make the best of your college or university experience. By positively impacting others and engaging in the college community, you’ll be able to inspire yourself and your peers.

Ways to Make a Difference

1) Volunteer

Volunteer work raises self-esteem and looks great on a resume, not to mention the benefits it brings to others, whatever the cause. Check out the career center at your college or university to find volunteer positions available on your campus. You might even gain knowledge or skills that will help you in a future job.

2) Organize Events

A leadership spirit is often all that’s needed to get the ball rolling for a good cause. If you’re going green and want others to join you, organize a swap event where students can exchange used items. Or, you could arrange a fundraiser for a charitable organization you support. Whatever the cause, you’ll be making a difference and getting some experience in event logistics!

3) Join a Team

There’s no better way to hone your team-playing skills than in team sports. Joining an intramural team can be a great way to stay active, relieve stress, and build leadership and cooperation skills.

4) Have Your Say

If you have something to say and are skilled at expressing yourself, why not write for the campus newspaper or web site? Publishing your ideas is a great way to share valuable experience with others and make a difference.

5) Offer to Tutor

We all excel at different subjects. If you’re good at explaining things and have the patience to teach others, offer to tutor in a math, science, or English lab. Some students find it less intimidating to get help from a peer instead of an instructor.

6) Participate in Student Politics

Joining student councils or unions allows you to make a difference in campus life. Voicing your concerns or offering suggestions through these forums is a great way to be proactive and to demonstrate leadership skills.

By taking part in different aspects of college life, participating in a variety of events, and promoting positive changes as a student advocate, you’ll be able to leave behind a lasting legacy when you graduate. Remember, don’t settle for the ordinary when your post-secondary experience could be extraordinary.

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