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Canadian Business Releases List of Canada’s Top Jobs

Canadian Business Releases List of Canada’s Top Jobs

Opportunities abound throughout Canada to enjoy a successful and bright career.

We all value the freedom to make our own decisions, especially when it comes to something as important as choosing a career. Such a big decision, though, can be overwhelming. A little help to chart our future path is always welcome, even if it’s a few facts and figures that indicate the potential for growth and prosperity. That’s why Canadian Business recently released a new list of Canada’s 100 Best Jobs in 2014.

The list is one you’ll likely want to consult since it outlines jobs that start at $60,000 and that are actively hiring, with the promise of future growth. Seem surprising given the current job market environment? Canadian Business says all you need is to know where to look, and their biggest jobs ranking ever can help you look in the right places.

Below are the top jobs from the list along with their average salary.

1) Lawyer – $79,997

Law is an excellent field to enter, if you keep in mind the need to specialize. Areas such as tax and immigration law show promise of future demand and many law students are combining a traditional degree with a more specialized degree like an MBA to be able to practice in a specific niche. Graduates with training in litigation, intellectual property and corporate law are likely to have the greatest opportunities available to them.

2) Public Administration Director – $97,074

If you have an education in public administration, and supplement it with a business or law degree, you’re in a great position to earn more than $200,000 in this promising field. You’ll be working with different levels of government, supervising elections, participating in city planning and weighing in on municipal budgets.

3) Oil & Gas Drilling Supervisor – $72,880

Experience is key, along with safety and management training, if you want to oversee oil or gas drilling crews. Starting out as a ‘roughneck’ on a drilling job, you’ll need grit and determination to work your way up to a drilling operator position and then finally to rig manager where you can potentially earn between $175,000 to $250,000 in Alberta.

4) Primary Production Manager – $110,240

Still in the natural resources market, a Primary Production Manager oversees facilities to do with mines, forestry, fisheries, and oil wells. To organize, direct, and report on the operations in this vast industry, you’ll probably need a degree in engineering or forest sciences.

5) Health Care Manager -$87,360

It’s no secret that the baby boomers are aging, which fact alone signals future growth in healthcare. In order to manage old-age facilities, hospitals and labs, candidates will need degrees in science or in public health and business administration. To enter the field of genetic testing, where the biggest growth is predicted, extra training or masters degrees may be necessary.

6) Human Resources Manager – $81,994

Successfully managing people, whether in the public or private domain, takes special skill. That’s why courses in psychology or communications could come in handy if this is your career goal. You’ll be engaged in creating workplace policies, payroll issues, recruiting, and employee care. You could even factor into exciting mergers and acquistions.

7) Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor – $76,960

As the name suggests, you’ll be in charge of supervising nursing personnel in a variety of institutions including elderly homes, clinics, and hospitals. With no question regarding the need for top nurses, you can cut to the chase by obtaining a nursing degree and an MBA.

8) Social, Community or Correctional Services Manager – $67,600

Having either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in social sciences will greatly help you through your day in this field, allowing you to offer people-centered care to society’s most vulnerable. Experience as a social service worker or union advisor is typically required.

9) Financial Manager – $82,992

Managing someone else’s money and getting paid for it sounds pretty good, eh? If you have impeccable financial skills, accompanied with a CPA and/or MBA and a background in business, finance or economics, you’ll likely be able to rise to this senior position. You’ll be involved in number crunching, risk analysis and auditing, among other money matters.

10) Electrical & Telecommunications Contractor – $72,800

It’s well known that the trades are an area that will continue to be in demand due to a skilled-worker shortage as many current workers near retirement. After becoming a certified electrician through a four-year apprenticeship program, you’ll be able to work as a contractor for a company or start your own business.

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  1. Ralph Steven Says:

    Wow so being a Lawyer is the number one job; I am surprised; while the money is very good in the US I do not the profession is not as coveted and with the high cost of attending school it is not a very sought after position; although I am an electrician and help people learn how to become electricians so what do I know.

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