Friday, May 9th, 2014

Canada a Welcoming Place for Entrepreneurs

Canada a Welcoming Place for Entrepreneurs

Canada is ranked first and second in the world for entrepreneurship.

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Then look no further than the country where polar bears and beavers run wild. That’s right, the entrepreneurial spirit in Canada is alive and well according to recent indicators. And while you may have to go beyond the fur-bearing creatures roaming this vast land to flesh out your ‘team’, there’s hardly a better place to pursue your dream of being an entrepreneur.

Just how good a home is Canada for young entrepreneurs? We’re talking first and second in the standings. In 2013, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Canada first compared to other G-7 countries as “the best place to do business over the next five years.” Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) awarded Canada second place for its entrepreneurial environment compared with 24 other innovation-driven economies. As well, a survey included in the GEM report gave Canada second place as a good location to make entrepreneurship your career choice.

The GEM stresses the importance of entrepreneurial benefits in a number of key areas including job creation, economic growth, sustainability and quality of life. The report uses statistics, graphs, and charts to present the findings for easy comparison. And when put to the test, Canada came out in great shape.

Although the Canadian spirit doesn’t reflect too much risk-taking or cut-throat competition, this land is home to many successful entrepreneurs. And in spite of the obstacle of government bureaucracy, a business plan can become a lot more than a stack of papers. Innovation, willingness and hard work can make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. After all, location is everything. If you call Canada home, you’ve got a great place to grow your business and be your own boss.

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