Friday, April 18th, 2014

Sault College Gets Top Score in Student Satisfaction

Sault College Gets Top Score in Student Satisfaction

Sault College is a leader in apprenticeship training.

As the largest provider of apprenticeship training in Northern Ontario, Sault College also shines when it comes to student satisfaction. With an overall score of 85 per cent, the school has been rated #1 in the province by those whose opinions matter the most: the students themselves.

With over 3,900 students attending each year to obtain certificates, diplomas, and degrees in an environment that enhances the learning experience, Sault College President, Dr. Ron Common exclaims: “Mission accomplished!” He adds, “This is, indeed, cause for celebration. Our students have ranked our College as number one with 85 percent of students saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality education we deliver. When students become the focus of our existence, everything and everyone benefits. We owe our outstanding student satisfaction scores to everyone who has contributed to it – our extraordinary faculty and staff who go above and beyond to put students first, and the college supporters, partners and community members who have helped make it happen.”

Besides garnering student satisfaction based on knowledge and skills gained, the overall quality of the facilities and resources also contributed to the school’s first place ranking. Various improvements and additions to the physical infrastructure of the campus help to present a clean and inviting learning environment and met with student approval.

The ranking is based on factors known as Key Performance Indicators. The Ontario Government requires schools to keep track of KPI data in five areas: graduate satisfaction, student satisfaction, employer satisfaction, employment rate, and graduation rate. Gathered independently by a research company, KPI results help colleges to measure their success and identify ways to improve.

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