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Construction and AutoCAD Programs to be Offered at Brighton Surrey

Construction Technician and AutoCAD Programs Offered at Brighton Surrey

The Construction Technician and AutoCAD Programs may help you lay the perfect foundation for your future.

Pull out the blueprints and grab your tools because there’s no time like the present to start building your career. And if building is on your mind, Brighton College Surrey’s new AutoCAD and Construction Technician programs may help you lay the perfect foundation for your future.

Brighton’s Surrey campus is now offering both programs for the first time, beginning June 23, 2014. Both courses will focus is on helping individuals get the training and education they need without interrupting their day-to-day existing schedules. Therefore, the programs will be offered in the evenings, allowing students greater flexibility, especially if they have to juggle a day job and other commitments.

If you can free up the time, and want to fast-track your career, but are not sure which course is right for you, here’s a look at each program and what it offers.

Construction Technician

A building doesn’t go up without a lot of red tape. Following construction guidelines and safety standards is a must. In the Construction Technician Certificate program, students will learn about local building standards, civil infrastructure construction and Autodesk Civil 3D computer software. The program focuses on practical construction procedures in civil and building infrastructure.

Using only the most current drafting tools, students gain the competency, training, and technical skills needed to immediately enter the workforce after graduating. To provide relevant real-world experience, students have the opportunity to be on-site at a variety of local construction jobs. The instruction portion of the program covers 15 weeks, with the option of four additional weeks of practicum.


If you’ve always wanted to be a building designer, drafter, or project manager, the AutoCAD Certificate program can provide the necessary skills for a career in these fields. The program focuses on top level AutoCAD, construction and Revit Architecture courses. Students will learn how to use 2D and 3D AutoCAD design software and management tools that are employed regularly in the industry.

Construction and engineering businesses are looking for the enhanced illustration skills that you’ll gain during the program’s 13 weeks of instruction. An additional four-week practicum is available so that students can apply classroom concepts in an authentic work environment at a professional engineering or design business.

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