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Become an Early Childhood Assistant and Make a Difference

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Becoming an Early Childhood Assistant may be the career choice for you.

Every parent knows that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The reality is, the young ones being pushed around in strollers will grow up to be the decision makers of the future, and the influences they have will affect their lives for years to come. That’s why many people find a career in Early Childhood Education is a meaningful way to make a difference in the lives of others.

When children are very young they are at their most critical learning stage, thus Early Childhood Assistants (ECAs) play an important role in helping them develop into intelligent, healthy adults. Nurturing young ones so they can reach their full potential is a worthwhile profession and it will continue to be in high demand. According to Service Canada statistics, the number of births from 2002-2012 increased significantly, meaning more children in classrooms and learning environments. Since each province sets an acceptable ratio for the number of children to teachers, there is always a need for qualified assistants. For example, in Ontario the regulations state that the teacher to child ratio be 3:10 for infants under 18 months of age, 1:8 for 3 years, 1:10 for 4 years, and 1:15 for 5 years and up, with no more than 20 children in the group at a time.

Early Childhood Assistants fulfill a variety of tasks, from providing hands-on care to monitoring and observing young ones. They are responsible for organizing and arranging classroom activities and for recording children’s behaviour, development, and signs of a disability or giftedness. They are also in the best position to communicate with parents about the child’s progress.

Whereas Early Childhood Educators require a longer degree and more experience, Early Childhood Assistants can acquire their qualifications sooner, meaning quicker employment options. And according to Canadian Career College, the salary difference between educators and assistants is a mere $2, with assistants not requiring special certification from the College of Early Childhood Education.

If working with children is your calling, becoming an Early Childhood Assistant may be the career choice for you, giving you a chance to make a lasting difference in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

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