Friday, February 28th, 2014

Provinces Coming On Board in Support of Canada Job Grant

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The Canada Job Grant will allow employers to offer workers up to $15,000 towards skills training.

After months of negotiating the terms of the new Canada Job Grant, first tabled last year, Employment Minister Jason Kenney has announced that the provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec , are finally on board. The agreement in principle regarding this centrepiece proposal of the budget could mean good news for unemployed Canadians as well as for students looking to join the workforce.

Though the provinces stated that Kenney’s final offer was ‘a good compromise’ that they could work with, they still have some reservations, but have agreed to iron these out one-on-one. Nova Scotia in particular took exception to the claim of being in accord with the offer, citing concerns over having enough funding to continue their skills training programs, which have been successful in that province.

While the final terms have not yet been publicized, Kenney’s last offer apparently came a long way in providing greater flexibility to choose where the funds will come from, and more time for the provinces and territories to get the grant up and running. The start date has been delayed by three months, until July 1st.

In its aim to match skilled workers with unfilled jobs, the Canada Job Grant will allow employers to offer workers up to $15,000 towards skills training, bringing benefits to individuals and to the economy as a whole.

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