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2014 Study and Go Abroad Fairs Open Up a World of Opportunities

2014 Study and Go Abroad Fairs

2014 The 2014 Study and Go Abroad Fairs will kick off on February 26.

If you’ve got dreams that include both travel and study, mark your calendars! The 2014 Study and Go Abroad Fair begins its spring schedule this month, appearing in four major Canadian cities.

Canada’s largest international university and student travel expo will kick off in Vancouver on February 26 before moving on to Ottawa on February 28 and Montreal on March 1, and will complete its circuit in Toronto on March 2.

Planning your academic, professional and personal goals can be a little confusing, but meeting face to face with students, professionals, and school representatives who attend these comprehensive events can help you sort out your choices and make the right decisions with regards to undergraduate, post-graduate and vocational programs. Perhaps you’re thinking of taking a gap year, or maybe you want to volunteer in Africa? Why not study medicine in the U.K. or do your Bachelor’s in France? Visit the special Travel Pavilion for information on these and other exciting options.

At the Study and Go Abroad Fairs, you’ll learn all about university and college programs, scholarships, travel and volunteer opportunities in over 100 countries worldwide-including Canada! The fair is open to the public and admission is free. Pre-registering online allows you to be eligible for the grand prize draws, and each visitor will get a complimentary copy of Canadian Student Magazine at the door. Family and friends are welcome to join you at the expo as you experience, quite literally, the world of education and broaden your horizons.

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