Thursday, February 6th, 2014

PICA Chef Implores Food Critics to Share Tasteful Comments

Pacific Institute of Culinary Art

Chef Julian, from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, wants diners to think before they write.

Recently, Pacific Institute of Culinary Art’s chef Julian Bond was front and center in helping to raise awareness about the need for balance when serving up culinary criticisms.

Six of Vancouver’s most celebrated chefs, including John Bishop, Tina Fineza,Scott Jaeger, Hamid Samilian, Vikram Vij, along with PICA’s own Julian Bond, joined forces at Dine Out Vancouver’s 6 Course Discourse Event. Just introduced this year, the event served up a fantastic sampling of food and wine to a room full of culinary writers, bloggers and critics, as well as some insights into the life and passions of the six participating chefs.

In the question and answer discussion that followed, the message ‘all in good taste’ seemed to resonate loud and clear. Especially referring to those who use social media to comment on a restaurants’ food or performance, Chef Julian stated: “I want diners to think before they write”, especially before posting a scathing review that can have lasting repercussions. Peartree Restaurant Chef & Owner Scott Jaeger concurred, urging people to “Eat it before you tweet it.”

As a chef instructor with over 2,500 graduates now working in local and international locations, Chef Julian understands the benefits of constructive criticism and encourages it as an important teaching tool. PICA chef instructors regularly gather students for a session where comments and complaints, that are solicited via billfold comment cards, are reviewed so students can learn how to improve. The truth is, though, there is always a palatable way to say something, and when discussing food, the tasteful way is usually best!

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