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Meet The First of Study Magazine’s 2013 Scholarship Winners!

Andrea Munro-White: student, mom, scholarship winner and future graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Andrea Munro-White: student, mom, scholarship winner and future graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Meet Andrea Munro-White, the first of Study Magazine’s 2013 Scholarship winners. Andrea is studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s Richmond Hill campus.  The scholarship money will make a difference as she studies her way towards a proposed graduation date in April 2014—a date that happens to coincide with her birthday. “That would be a great present,” she says.

Andrea’s decision to study holistic nutrition actually came about as she was helping a friend decide if she should enrol in the program.

“The more I encouraged her, the more I began to realize it was the program for me,” she says. “Although I do plan on doing it as a career, I also know that my family and I will benefit from eating whole and natural foods.”

Andrea worked for years as a recreational therapist but after the birth of the second of her three sons, she decided to stay at home until the boys got older. It was a decision to “explore new options” that finally convinced her to apply at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

“The program is all about preventative health care through natural nutrition and the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition,” Andrea explains. “We learn about menu planning, food quality, food preparation, environmental and agricultural factors, specific physical and mental issues as well as hormonal health, weight management, supplements and detoxification. We are taught preventative nutrition for degenerative nutrition diseases such as arthritis, arteriosclerosis, cataracts, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.”

The Natural Nutrition is a rigorous one that prepares students to educate individuals and groups about the benefits of proper nutrition through classroom work, practicum hours and, adds Andrea, “loads of homework!”

Students pore over 14 case studies of self-appointed clients, and complete a write-up and protocols from a holistic nutritionist perspective. “Once we’re done—and if we maintain 80% average—we present one case study through an oral presentation in front of several holistic nutritionists and then write an exam to become registered ourselves,” says Andrea.

With her official credentials still months away, Andrea is focusing on how everything she has learned has impacted her own family.

“I use to think I led a healthy lifestyle with the occasional treats,” she says. “This program has helped my family make simple but effective changes in our day to day life. We have eliminated almost all packaged foods from our meals and have only homemade snacks for lunches and dinners. We’ve removed all hard candy and I’m still working on removing sugar treats, and cereal in the morning. It continues to be a work in progress, and although I don’t ever expect to eat 100% clean, everyday it becomes easier as I continue to learn and grow.”

Congratulations from everyone at Study Magazine, Andrea! We’re glad we were able to help you with the pursuit of your education and career goals.

The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition has several campuses across Canada, including two Toronto locations, as well as campuses in Richmond Hill, Mississauga, London and Ottawa in Ontario, Moncton, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta and Vancouver, Nanaimo and Kelowna in B.C.

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