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Metalworks Institute Announces New Digital Music Production Program

Metalworks Institute's new Digital Music Production program starts in January 2014. 

Metalworks Institute’s new Digital Music Production program starts in January 2014.

Metalworks Institute will be offering a new specialty diploma program in Digital Music Production (DMP) starting in January of 2014. The program will give students the skills and insight to create music using the latest digital recording technology.

The program, says admissions counsellor Matthew Pigott, “relies significantly more on software solutions as opposed to the analog equipment featured in our Audio Production and Engineering program. As one might imagine, stylistically, this program is deeply rooted in the dance, hip hop and electronic music realm.”

Students will be introduced to the latest digital music software platforms, including Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, ProTools and Reaktor.

“Students entering this program should have a good handle on common ‘in the box’ recording concepts, and a basic knowledge of a few Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) platforms,” says Pigott. “Not so much a requirement, but certainly an asset would be for prospective students to possess some prior musical knowledge and talent. We are not asking for virtuosos, but past compositional and theoretical experience will allow the student to take greater advantage of the topics covered.”

The Digital Music Production program (DMP) program addresses a need for musicians who want to expand their skill set, “much like an instrumentalist would benefit from one-on-one instruction, and music theory tutorage.” Courses include topics such as Desktop Production Technologies, Principles of MIDI & Synthesis, Digital Signal Processing, Music Theory, Desktop Mixing Techniques, Music Business, Critical Listening, and Marketing and Promotion.

Pigott says the program offers many of the same job opportunities as the Audio Production and Engineering program, but adds, “It differs in that it focuses more on the Electric Dance Music and Hip Hop sector and digital audio production for TV, advertising and films.”

Interested students should contact Metalworks Institute for more information on this or any of their other programs, including admissions requirements, start dates, deadlines and financial aid options.

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