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Yorkville University’s BBA Program Boosts PCC Graduates Career and Earning Potential

Yorkville University Bachelor of Business Administration

Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration now accepts credit transfers from Private Career College students and graduates.

Imagine preparing yourself for a university degree before you even earn your college diploma, or working full-time while earning a Bachelor of Business Administration at the same time. Thanks to Yorkville University’s unique credit transfer agreement with Canada’s private career colleges (PCCs), both options are now a reality – and Walter Lee can’t wait to get the news out to as many students as possible.

“We started accepting transfer credits from private career colleges this year,” says Lee. “We may be the first institution to recognize quality private career college programs.”

The agreement allows graduates from PCC diploma programs of at least 1,000 teaching hours to transfer a number of their credits towards Yorkville’s online Bachelor of Business Administration. The BBA can boost their earning potential and widen their career opportunities by adding a Bachelors degree to their list of educational accomplishments.

Online learning with a personal, collaborative feel

Yorkville University’s BBA program is offered online, which means that students and graduates can continue to work full-time while they work towards their Bachelor degree. Unlike some online programs where students may be left to fend for themselves with a tutor, Yorkville fosters a strong sense of community and cooperation.

Lee points out that Yorkville University’s instructors are “a constant presence in the online environment,” which is unique at the undergraduate level. Small class sizes, weekly tasks, readings and assignments given by instructors lead to lively discussions and active participation from the students and faculty.

“Our approach is very collaborative,” says Lee.  “The communication between the students, as well as between the students and faculty, is constant.  These are not courses where the students learn in isolation.  The programs are paced, well-structured and allow for a tremendous amount of interaction.”

The advantages of combining Diploma and Degree are plenty

The advantages for enrolled students go beyond the effect on career and potential earning power or the convenience of studying online.

“Students can start their career while they study towards a degree,” says Lee. “They don’t have to wait to get their career started. By being able to apply their diploma courses towards a degree, they don’t have to go back to school; they can go forward with school. When they graduate with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, they’ll have the perfect combination of degree and experience. They’ll have the experience and the credentials they need to advance their career and get promoted to the management level.”

Students from eligible PCC programs can have a large number of their credits transferred and complete the BBA program in as little as 2.5 years, versus the four years it takes most students.

Best of all, PCC students can apply to Yorkville while they’re still in school. This helps them ensure that their diploma program and the credits they earn will be eligible for transfer.

“We can admit students to the BBA program, conditional upon successful completion of their diploma program and on their final grades,” Lee says. “It gives us time to determine how many transfer credits they will get, and it gives the students a clear picture of whether they’re admissible or not.”

“In fact,” Lee adds, “they can inquire with us and start talking to us before they enrol so that we can let them know if the program they’re in is likely to qualify for transfers or admission.”

Getting started at Yorkville University

Private Career College students and graduates should provide their transcripts when applying to Yorkville and include as much information as possible on their PCC program. This will help the university determine their eligibility and expedite the transfer credit process.

The program accepts intake for semesters starting in January, April, July and October. Interested students should contact Yorkville University for full details on the program and to discuss their eligibility to transfer PCC credits.

Linda Galeazzi
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