Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Immigration Law and Policy Course New at triOS College

Canadian Immigration Law and Policy Course

A new course offered by triOS College focuses on the legal and procedural sides of immigration law and policy.

triOS College is now offering a new course in Canadian Immigration Law and Policy that examines the legislation, formal process and established policies dealing with the eligibility of citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals to enter, remain in, and work and study in Canada.

The course provides a general overview of immigration law and policy in Canada, and helps students to identify and master some of the complexities involved in the competent representation of clients who have recently come to Canada under various auspices or who are in the process of immigrating here.

The 40-hour course is ideal for law clerk and paralegal graduates, and ties in especially well as a continued education course for paralegals. Those who are interested in participating in the course should contact triOS College for more details.

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