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Herzing College Toronto Offering Post-Grad Mediation-Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Successful completion of Herzing College’s new program allows post-grads to add mediation to their list of skills.

Successful completion of Herzing College’s new program allows post-grads to add mediation to their list of skills.

Herzing College Toronto is offering a one-year postgraduate Mediation-Alternative Dispute Resolution diploma program.  The conflict resolution training appeals to professionals seeking specialized credentials allowing them to work in various areas were mediation is required.

Whether the dispute is big or small, mediators are relied upon to settle issues between parties before those issues reach the courtroom. Impartial, always willing to listen and trustworthy, mediators use various methods to open and/or improve conversations between disputants, which saves time, money and resources.

The M-ADR program is approved by the ADR Institute of Ontario, Inc. (ADRIO) indicating that the program meets the educational criteria for graduates to gain membership in the institute should they wish to do so. Graduates must complete the necessary application form and pay the appropriate fee directly to ADRIO to gain membership.

If you’re a university graduate or licensed paralegal wishing to gain additional conflict resolution and mediation skills, a diploma from Herzing College’s M-ADR program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to deal effectively with conflict in various settings, including Advocacy, Community, Education, Health Care, Human Resources, Justice and Workplace.

The M-ADR program also offers a pragmatic learning component that enables you to participate in the operation of Campus Conflict Resolution Services workshops.

Herzing College Toronto holds institutional accreditation, granted by the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission (CETAC), as further assurance of quality and standards.

Herzing College offers flexible student schedules, including day and evening classes. Their Career Development department assists students in their search for full-time employment. As with all of Herzing College’s programs, the M-ADR program is lead by instructors with industry experience in smaller class sizes.

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