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How to Become an Entertainment Management Professional

Music Management

Busy, thrilling, bustling, demanding: is a career in Arts & Entertainment management right for you?

What Does an Arts and Entertainment Management Professional Do?

Arts and Entertainment Managers focus on the business side of the creative industry and can wear any number of hats and have any number of responsibilities. It all depends on the industry in which they’re employed and the duties that are entrusted to them. Motion pictures, television, performing arts, new media, sports, non-profits, museums, industry-related corporate events: these are just some of the areas in which creative but business-minded professionals can use their managerial and leadership skills to plan, market, and execute campaigns that promote entertainers, events, galas, and more. They may also handle or delegate the preparation and writing of marketing plans, briefs, proposals, advertising copy and media releases.

Is This Career Right For Me?

Arts and Entertainment Management professionals understand the nature of an artistic venture and have the business expertise and savvy to make those ventures thrive. They have the knowledge and skills to take on the management end of sports, music, film, art and other mediums. They have a solid understanding of any and all aspects of the entertainment industry, of finance, marketing, budgeting, public relations and accounting. They are exceptionally well-organized, tenacious, honest and determined. They’re never content to rest on their laurels: they stay ahead of trends and find a way to market their client, company and/or services to accommodate changes and trends in the industry.

Where Are the Jobs?

Arts and Entertainment Management professionals may find employment as personal managers, concert promoters, A&R administrators, tour coordinators, casting directors, marketing representatives and more. There are positions available in a number of industries, including management, touring and road work, music publishing, film, television, broadcasting and others.

Where Can I Study?

These are just some of the schools that offer programs in Arts and Entertainment Management:

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