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How to Become a Supply Chain Operations Professional

Supply Chain

Streamlining the procedures and activities that get goods and services from point A to their final destination is a crucial part of any business.

What Does a Supply Chain and Operations Professional Do?

“Supply chain” refers to the flow of foods, services and information from suppliers to the final customer, a process that’s crucial to any and all businesses. A Supply Chain and Operations Manager manages and coordinates the activities and processes that are required to produce and deliver goods and services from their starting point to their final destination on a regional, national or global level.

Supply Chain and Operations Professionals oversee all aspects of the shipping, storing, distributing and dispatching of goods and services, ensuring a smooth and timely transition of products and services between various departments within the company, with the end goal of getting them delivered to customers by an established deadline.

Is This Career Right For Me?

If you enjoy challenges and a very busy routine, are highly organized and know how to work extremely well with co-workers, a career in Supply Chain and Logistics Management may be the perfect career for you. You need excellent communication, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and set the highest standard of customer service. A college degree in Supply Chain and Logistics is required, with a solid understanding of business, finance and accounting, purchasing and supplier management, transportation, project management and customs processes.

Where are the Jobs?

Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals are required in businesses of all sizes in both the public and private sectors. Employment can be found in purchasing, logistics, project management, distribution, planning and scheduling, freight forwarding and importing/exporting.

Where Can I Study?

These are just some of the schools that offer programs related to Supply Chain and Operations Management:

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