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7 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash as a Post-Grad Student

7 Ways to Make Some Extra Cash as a Post-Grad Student

Opportunities for making some extra cash may be more readily available than you think!

A little extra spending money is always welcome, but for post-graduate students, time is limited. Your situation is a little different from that of the college freshman — more advanced courses mean more challenging course work. Finding an online position that allows you to work from the comfort and ease of your dorm room is one way of making life easier. There are many part-time employment opportunities, both online and traditional, for highly educated students looking to supplement their income.

Virtual Assistant (online)

Competition in this field is highly competitive. Most virtual assistants are full-time employees who work for larger organizations, but there are some who work on a smaller scale from a home office or, in your case, a dorm room. A virtual assistant performs administrative duties for those who don’t have time to field their own calls or answer their own email. It’s the equivalent of an office assistant position, only online. The best way to get started in this field is by networking and through word of mouth.

Blogger (online)

Blogging can be lucrative but time-consuming. With an initial start-up investment of as little as $30 to $50, you can purchase a domain name and hosting service for a year. If you’ve done a little research, know your niche and are effective at writing quality SEO content, your blog can really take off. There are various methods of earning money from blogging, including running pay-per-click ad campaigns and putting a donation box on your site.

Freelance Writing (online)

Academic writing sites hire online writers that hold advanced degrees in various majors. To sign up at this site, or one like it, you simply visit the website, fill out the application and pass the tests. Once accepted, it’s relatively easy to earn extra cash in your spare time.

Tutor (online)

Becoming an online tutor is a valid option for post-grad students needing extra money. Simply sign up, test and start earning. The pay is much better here than it is in blogging, but less than freelance writing or virtual assisting. The time it takes to get accepted is usually longer as well.

Instructor (traditional)

If you have a passion about a certain sport or hobby, try parlaying it into a part-time job — kickboxing, yoga, Pilates — all have possibilities, and the competition may be less intense here because fewer people are qualified. Check with area gyms and health clubs to find a position as an instructor. Jobs like these can pay upwards of $30 an hour, depending upon your location.

Campus Tour Guide (traditional)

If your people skills are up to par and you like working outside, talk to the admissions office about the possibility of becoming a campus guide to entering students and their families. A job like this is great practice for the real world when you’re called upon for public speaking and presentations.

Field Organizer (traditional)

If you’re politically minded, you might enjoy a paid position as a field organizer for a political campaign. This is the person who organizes the volunteers and talks directly with the voters in hopes of gaining their loyalty. This job typically requires online, telephone and face-to-face contact with local citizens. Additionally, part-employment in this field looks impressive on a resume. You might even be able to parlay it into an eventual career.

Because so many companies today do business in the virtual world, finding employment that suits your needs and works around your class schedule is much easier than it used to be. The days of running the cash register at the local coffee shop are behind you. Now it’s time to move on into a part-time position that has a little more to offer in the way of future job potential, creative license and skill level. You may still be a student, but your knowledge base is much greater these days, don’t sell yourself short in your job search.

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