Monday, August 19th, 2013

Study Magazine’s Scholarship Is Accepting Final Applications Now!

Scholarship Contest

Enter now to be eligible for Study Magazine’s $2,000 Post-Secondary Scholarship! Winner to be announced on October 1st!

Study Magazine, in conjunction with its sister site, Education411, is now accepting last-minute applications for its $2,000 post-secondary scholarship. New and continuing students in a post-secondary institution have until midnight on Monday, September 30th to submit their names for the scholarship. Four scholarships of $500 each will be awarded, with the winners being announced on the website on Tuesday, October 1st.

“Unlike other scholarships, ours really levels the playing field for all students,” says Great Exposure CEO Michael Katz. “We don’t ask for essays. We don’t ask for transcripts of your grades. You don’t have to mail anything in. Nobody is excluded. The scholarship is open to anyone and everyone who is either continuing or just starting their post-secondary education.”

Students can enter by going to the contest page at and filling out the information. The student’s name and email address are the only things needed to enter.

“It will be a nice October surprise for someone to have that money to put towards their tuition or other school expenses just as the school year is starting for most students,” says Katz.

Students who have submitted their names for the scholarship in the past 12 months are still actively eligible for the October 1st draw, and need not re-submit their information.

“This scholarship is a great way for us to thank the students for their readership,” Katz says. “Whether they’re attending a career college or university, we want to make sure nobody was excluded.”
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Linda Galeazzi
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