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How To Become a Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Professional

Fashion Marketing and Merchandising

Fashion Marketing and Merchandising is a great career plan for those who are creative and entrepreneurial.

What Does a Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Professional Do?

Professionals in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising are creative, artistic, entrepreneurial spirits who know how to do market research and create a buzz and generate interest in fashion through fashion shows, store displays, magazine layouts and more. They have a superior knowledge of colours, fabrics, textiles and fashion terminology, know how to spot trends before they happen and have the discipline to work within a budget and deliver projects on time. They have a sixth sense about what to purchase and know how to use online and in-store campaigns, photography, social media, magazines and more to successfully market fashion themes and ideas. They should be excellent multi-taskers, disciplined and always learning more about marketing skills and merchandising strategies. They need superior communication skills in order to give presentations that are clear, confident and authoritative, and to discuss fashion and the fashion industry with peers and contacts in a professional manner.

Is This Career Right For Me?

Are you the kind of person who is always doodling little designs in notebook margins? Can you spot “what’s hot” before anyone else can? Do you know exactly what colours, prints and fabrics work well together? Have you always been passionate about fashion in all its forms? If so, a career in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising may be the perfect career for you. You should have a true personal style, a willingness to work hard and long hours, be able to work well on your own and as part of a team and be able to handle constructive criticism.

Where Are The Jobs?

Those with the qualifications can find any number of jobs in merchandising, marketing, image consulting, publicity, advertising, sales, event planning and more.

Where Can I Study?

The following are some of the institutions that offer programs in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising:

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