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How to Become a Hospitality Management Professional


Fun, fast-paced, and varied: Hospitality Management may be the perfect profession for you!

What Does a Hospitality Management Professional Do?

A Hospitality Management Professional has a wide variety of duties, all of which require superior multi-tasking skills. Responsibilities include coordinating staff schedules, assigning duties and reviewing the work of workers and staff;  establishing work schedules and procedures and coordinating activities with other departments; resolving work-related problems when necessary; overseeing an impeccable standard of customer service; preparing and submitting progress reports; hiring and training staff in their general duties, safety procedures and company policies; ensuring the smooth operation of computer systems, equipment and machinery; and arranging for prompt maintenance and repair work when required.

Is This Career Right For Me?

If you love working with people and have excellent management skills, then a career in Hospitality Management may be perfect for you. Professionals in the industry are expected to be able to make quick decisions and always exercise good judgment; work effectively as the head of – or part of – a hospitality team; and insist upon the highest quality of customer service. They must also have superior time and stress management skills, be self-motivated, energetic and confident, and have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Because this is a career with a number of varied responsibilities, Professionals must be excellent multi-taskers, resourceful and highly organized.

Where Are The Jobs?

Hospitality Management Professionals with the right skills and knowledge and a diploma from a recognized career college can work in any number of positions, including banquet manager, food and beverage service manager, restaurant manager, catering and conference services manager, hotel clerk supervisor, reservations supervisor and many more.

Where Can I Study?

The following are some of the career colleges that offer programs in Hospitality Management:

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