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How to Become a Computerized Accounting Clerk

Computerized Accounting Clerk

A career as a Computerized Accounting Clerk may be right up your alley.

What Does a Computerized Accounting Clerk Do?

Computerized Accounting Clerks use software to record, store and analyze information related to the finances, financial interactions, payroll and inventory of small to large businesses.  They use software to calculate, prepare and issue documents related to accounts such as bills, invoices, inventory reports, account statements and other financial statements. The process of computerized accounting eliminates paperwork and makes it easier and faster for employers to collect, store, verify and track their financial interactions and transactions.

Is This Career Right For Me?

A career as a Computerized Accounting Clerk may be right up your alley if you love figures and numbers and have a knack for interpreting those figures and numbers. You should have solid problem-solving and organizational skills and be able to spot discrepancies, evaluate data, analyze problems and implement solutions.

Although Computerized Accounting Clerks are often part of a larger accounting team, they often do their work alone, so you should be comfortable with a fairly solitary workday. That said, excellent communication skills are an absolute must, since you’ll have regular contact with vendors, customers and employees, and an important part of your job will be to convey the company’s financial outlook to your employer.

Where Are the Jobs?

Here’s the good news: accounting clerks of all kind – including computerized accounting clerks – are in high demand, and the demand is expected to grow in the coming years. There is an excellent placement rate for persons who have the skills and education that employers require. Best of all, positions cut across all sizes and types of businesses. Small, medium or large business all require computerized accounting clerks to manage their finances, and skilled personnel are required in both the public and private sectors.

Computerized Accounting Clerks can find employment as accounting assistants, accounts receivable clerks, accounts payable clerks, bookkeepers and within a company’s payroll department.

Where Can I Study?

The following are some of the colleges that offer programs in Computerized Accounting:

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