Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Centennial College Adds ENVISION Micromarketing Software Training


Centennial College has partnered with Environics Analytics (EA), a Toronto-based marketing services and data analytics company, to incorporate EA’s ENVISION micromarketing software into the school’s marketing programs.

“Centennial students will be the first in Canada to graduate from a marketing program that includes a set of learning outcomes designed around ENVISION,” says Centennial School of Business Professor Danica Lavoie. “Environics Analytics’ ENVISION training will inform a new generation of marketing professionals who can provide the analytics skills Canada’s corporations are keen to employ.”

ENVISION is a powerful online tool that allows users to create custom maps, customer profiles and executive summary reports along with rankings for markets, behaviours and products. The software will give Centennial College’s marketing students a thorough understanding of how to market to a company’s best customers by finding the most attractive prospects and developing marketing campaigns that target those customers.

The ENVISION software allows users to target groups according to any number of specific criteria, including language spoken, assets and age, among others. The depth of statistical data will allow for better, smarter marketing decisions.

“This program,” says Rupen Seoni, EA’s Vice President and Practice Leader, “is a great example of professional educators listening to the needs of the market and helping students graduate with skills that will be in demand for many years to come.”

Initially, ENVISION training will be built into in Centennial’s two- and three-year marketing programs, as well as Centennial’s Marketing Research and Analytics graduate certificate program. Students will graduate with both a college diploma and an ENVISION training certificate.

The licensing agreement between Centennial and Environs Analytics will be reflected in curriculum changes starting this fall and winter.

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