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How to Become an Auditing Clerk

Auditing Clerk

What Does an Auditing Clerk Do?

Auditing clerks perform a number of crucial duties that help keep a business running smoothly and efficiently, all of which would be impossible to list here. Among other responsibilities, auditing clerks track and record numerical data in order to maintain complete financial records, check accuracy of figures and calculations, and use accounting software to record, analyze and store information. Auditing clerks monitor accounts and loans, maintain inventory records and prepare expense reports. In other words, if there’s money spent or received, the company’s auditing clerk can likely tell you exactly where it went and from where it came.

Best of all, because auditing clerks are required in virtually every industry and business, qualified personnel are always in demand.

Is This Job Right For Me?

A career as an auditing clerk is best for those with a strong aptitude for mathematics, and an equally strong ability to analyze and interpret financial and statistical data quickly. Because auditing clerks know a great deal about their employer’s finances, they should be discreet, ethical and have a high standard of integrity.

Auditing clerks, like anyone in accounting, should brace themselves for the end of the fiscal year, tax periods and monthly and yearly audits, as their work load and schedule will be kicked into overdrive during these periods. They should be proficient in related software programs and keep up with changes and advances in these programs to streamline their employer’s finance needs.

Where Can I Study?

The following are some of the colleges that offer diploma and/or certificate programs that will prepare you for a career as an auditing clerk:

Where Are the Jobs?

Auditing clerks are employed in both the public and private sectors. In fact, where there’s a business or industry, there’s an auditing clerk who keeps meticulous records and tracks the financial expenditures, receipts, profits and losses. Because of this, those with the skills and training in this field are always in demand.

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