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Sprott Shaw College Teaches Teachers

Teaching the Teachers

Teachers get help to hone their abilities and keep their skills current.

As every student knows, a good teacher can make the job of learning not only a whole lot easier, but also an interesting and pleasurable experience. How does a teacher reach this level of expertise? It has a lot to do with the courses they take, such as the Instructor Competency Program offered by Sprott Shaw College.

Whether it’s at a technical school, college or any other institution, a teacher’s fundamental goal is to help others learn; but they also have the added challenge of imparting up-to-date, real-world job skills that can make a huge difference in guiding and motivating a student along a new career path.

The Instructor Competency Program will help teachers to hone their abilities and keep their skills current and useful. Even if you are not a teacher at present, but are an expert in another field and wish to be an instructor, this course is for you.

Regarding the program, Sprott Shaw explains: “You will learn how to help adult learners meet their goals through a teaching tool belt that includes:

  • Applying principles of adult learning
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Creating lesson and activity plans
  • Matching evaluations to what students learn in order to make your teaching “click”
  • Computer technology (including the Microsoft suite) and other media

Go even further with this program by finding out how to use interactive learning environments and integrating technology and media to make your teaching resonate with life and enthusiasm.

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  1. Becky Says:

    What a great program to sharpen up my teaching skills!

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