Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Canada’s Herzing College has Reached an Agreement with USA based Herzing University

Herzing CollegeA groundbreaking new accord has been struck between the Herzing College campuses in Canada and Herzing University based in the U.S.A.

Canadian students who graduate from one of Herzing College’s diploma programs are now able to continue their studies by transferring into a Herzing University online degree program.

The transfer agreement was ratified on January 24 in an Articulation Agreement signed between the Canadian Herzing College Campus Presidents and with the Vice President of Academic Affairs representing the U.S.A. based Herzing University.

All of the programs offered at Herzing College’s four Canadian campuses in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Winnipeg are eligible for transfer credits for advance standing towards an online associate degree with Herzing University. Students are also eligible for earned credits to carry on into a bachelor’s degree.

Transfer students will receive advance standing into the degree program in which they enter, as well as proportionality lower tuition costs.

“I am thrilled that our graduates will have this option available to them,” said George Hood, President of Herzing College in Toronto. “The articulation agreement allows our graduates advance standing to attend Herzing University online, to study towards earning an Associates Degree leading to a Bachelors Degree in much less time, for much less tuition cost.”

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