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How to Get Trained for the Fastest Growing Careers in Canada

Home Care Aide

As a Home Care Aide you can find work in private and public hospitals, doctors’ clinics, care facilities and care centres.

Everyone wants a job that’s in high demand right now, with a good outlook in the future. That means you won’t have any trouble finding work (hopefully) and your career should be fairly stable once you settle in.

To help you find a job that’s in high demand, recently released a list of 11 of the Fastest-Growing Jobs in America.

Here they are, and where you can go to get trained

11. Cost Estimator

Good with numbers and looking at the big picture? More and more companies are seeing the value in having cost estimators on staff to control the cost of products or campaigns.

Where to study:

    There is no real degree or diploma for this field. Usually a strong knowledge of the given industry is a prerequisite.

10. Health Educator

As the public demand for healthier living rises, so does the need for private companies and individuals to advise people’s lifestyles.

Where to study:

9. Audiologist

This is one of a few fields we’ll mention here that will see a boom, as the aging population requires more care and medical maintenance.

Where to study:

    One of the many universities granting Degrees in Audiology, or Masters or higher.

8. Dental Hygienist

The growing healthcare sector, coupled with the wide variety of the services dental hygienists can provide, is good news for anyone who starts their career now.

Where to study:

7. Market Research Analyst/Marketing Specialist

The marketplace is shifting to where these two jobs will work hand-in-hand, and anyone who offers both skills to an employer will have a great future.

Where to study:

6. Translator

This field has seen good growth in recent years, and is expected to do the same until 2020. You may need a BA, but if your native language is harder to come by in the marketplace, your odds of getting a job without a degree will go up.

Where to study:

    In some cases, a university that awards Honours BA degrees, with specialization in translation

5. Ultrasound Technician

This is another field within healthcare that expects great growth by 2020. It also yields a great earning potential.

Where to study:

    Any school found here

4. Meeting/Event Planner

More companies are outsourcing their medium sized events, not just the big ones. Now is a great time to get trained.

Where to study:

3. Physical Therapy Assistant

Trained graduates can find work in private and public offices and clinics all over Canada. Positions are currently opening up by workers who retire or by those being promoted to better paying jobs in the health sector.

Where to study:

2. Biomedical Engineer

Staying in the healthcare boom, this career choice is expected to see nearly a 62% spike in job openings, which translates to 9,700 new jobs by 2020.

1. Home Care Aide

Along with Personal Support Workers, this field is expected to see the biggest health care related job influx. You can find work in private and public hospitals, doctors’ clinics, care facilities and care centres.

Where to study:

Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
Ryan has been writing for 7 years and has been featured in Chatelaine, Canadian Living and Cottage life.
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