Friday, September 7th, 2012

VanArts Helps Create Summer Blockbusters

VanArts Helps Create Summer BlockbustersSummer movies always make billions of dollars with their gaudy budgets and startling special effects. This year, a number of VanArts staff, students and graduates helped bring you those effects.

Stay until the credits in many of the summer’s biggest blockbusters and you can see student names like:

  • The Dark Knight Rises: Eleonor Lindvall (rotoscope artist)
  • Total Recall: Nik Brownlee (lead digital compositor), Lionel Heath (compositor), Eleonor Lindvall (rotoscope artist), Blake Laing-Smith (digital artist)
  • Dark Shadows: Esdras Prudente (rotoscope artist), Blake Laing-Smith (digital artist), Reika Nishio (senior matchmove artist)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Shane Wicklund (digital compositor), Jyoti Deshpande (digital artist)
  • Journey 2: Mysterious Island: Blaine Toderian (animator), Alexis Chapman (roto lead), Nina Laureles (data wrangler)
  • John Carter: Nik Brownlee (compositor), Grant Wilson (animator)
  • VanArts was also all over the film credits for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The movie saw contributions from:
  • Full-Time Grads: Harsh Mistry (layout technical director), Kodie MacKenzie (compositor), Patrick Thompson (compositor), Esdras Prudente (rotoscope artist), Alexis Chapman (rotoscope artist), Nina Laureles (visual effects artist), Reika Nishio (senior matchmove artist)
  • Part-Time Students: Darshan Mehta (modeler), Greg Hansen (FX technical director)
  • Instructor (Visual Effects Program): Derik Gokstorp

Schools mentioned: The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

Ryan Leclaire
Author: Ryan Leclaire
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